Wir gründen einen genossenschaftlichen Supermarkt

You want to make the world a little better?
You want to rethink consumption?
You want to determine yourself what and how you buy?

Join our collective supermarket!

Last year, a group of people from Cologne started the initiative köllektiv, this year we want to open our cooperative supermarket!

The idea? We decide together on the assortment of our supermarket, buy the food directly from regional producers and then pass it on to the members of our cooperative in our collective supermarket at cost price

Because we jointly determine the criteria for our assortment, it is in our hands that the products are as organic, regional and unpackaged as possible and that no one, neither human nor animal, is exploited.

Our collective supermarket becomes a place of interaction, giving us and everyone around us the chance to think consumption in a new and conscious way. For members who cannot make it to our collective store, we offer a bicycle delivery service. We manage the store and the delivery service by all members contributing a few hours of voluntary work per month.

Sounds good? Then let's realize this vision together!

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