We continue the history of empowered shopping. We are founding a cooperative supermarket in Cologne!

A cooperative is an association of people who do business together. In Germany, numerous cooperatives act in the interest of their members, for example by building homes or providing energy.

The idea of a cooperative that buys food collectively and then passes it on to its members at cost price is also not new. In the 19th century, workers organized themselves into consumer cooperatives as they could not afford the overpriced food at the local grocer. In the 1970s, the ecological idea was added: students founded initiatives that purchased products from organic farming in collective orders and thus made a political statement at the same time. Environmental protection and support for regional farms were at least as important to them as the quality and price of the food.

We, like them, are looking for economic systems in which sustainability plays a greater role. Ecological and fair consumption should not depend on the thickness of one's wallet.

The Park Slope Food Coop in Brooklyn, La Louve in Paris, the SuperCoop in Berlin and FoodHub Munich show how the concept of a cooperative supermarket works. That‘s what we want to start here in Cologne!

Here you find a short video about the Park Slope Food Coop: